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20% discount for:
• doctors
• nurses
• teachers
• university lecturers

25% for:
• scientists at the
  Slovac Academy of Sciences

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September 15th

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“Who better to teach you English
than an Englishman?”

Easy English is a small, elite language school offering the highest quality teaching available in Bratislava.

We specialize in State Sector Employees. By offering them and their families large discounts (see right), we aim to support Civil Society in Slovakia.

Not that we neglected the private sector. Our hybrid Business/General English classes are perfectly suited to the needs of the modern business person.

And for a more individual focus, there are also Individual Lessons (including on Saturdays).

We also specialise in Exam Preparation – FCE/CAE/CPE/IELTS and TOEFL. Our current pass rate is 95%. Get a qualification that helps you outshine the other candidates for that job you really want. In today’s competitive world, it makes great Financial Sense.


• General/Business English
• Private Lessons
• Exam Preparation
• Proofreading

Your Teacher: Michael Hawkins
Native speaker (English), 18 years' experience, Cambridge University Diploma, former British Council teacher. More..

Cambridge University, British Council