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20% discount for:
• doctors
• nurses
• teachers
• university lecturers

25% for:
• scientists at the
  Slovac Academy of Sciences

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“Who better to teach you English
than an Englishman?”

Easy English is a small, elite language school offering the highest quality teaching available in Bratislava.

Our hybrid Business/General English classes are perfectly suited to the needs of the modern business person.

For a more client-focused service, we have a proven track record providing In-Company courses of the highest quality.

And for a more individual focus, there are also Individual Lessons (including on Saturdays).


• General/Business English
• Private Lessons
• In-Company
• Exam Preparations
• Proofreading

Your Teacher: Michael Hawkins
Native speaker (English), 20 years' experience, Cambridge University Diploma, former British Council teacher. More..

Cambridge University, British Council